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Team-mate Max Verstappen must race from pitlane start

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Pierre Gasly, the team mate of Max Verstappen at Red Bull, the GP of Azerbaijan Sunday from the pitlane start.

After a lot of difficulties during the first three races of the season has Gasly even more adversity in Baku. The Frenchman won the GP of Azerbaijan, after all, from the pitlane to start, as the stewards of the FIA let them know.

At the end of the second training session came Gasly the pit lane run-in and he saw not that his race number 10, a GAS and a red light was displayed, which indicates that he to the weighbridge from the FIA had to. Instead of stopping at the weighbridge reed Gasly to the state of Red Bull where a oefenpitstop was carried out before he was in the garage was pushed.

Gasly was then when the stewards called to give an explanation. After the declaration of both Gasly as the team, as well as the study of the necessary video, ruled the stewards that Gasly’s race from the pit lane will have to begin.

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