Season finale Family in Africa?

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Kürt Rogiers gave four weeks ago during a conversation with the Showbiz Site, the first time, all of that Family for the season finale to Africa would attract. The actor could not be lost where a part of the cast go. But that Family for the imminent season finale, all the stops will be open, that is fixed. Abroad, that can be the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, India, the United States, but also that small village near Bornem. But it could just as well have Africa. Because coincidence or not, the creators of Family are currently looking for several African women who can feature for scenes that take on an airport play. It is going to be recording soon at the airport of Zaventem will take place. The creators of Family search of multiple persons to appear at the bar of the airport, but even more striking is that they are also a family of African origin looking for. The family members must be between 7 and 45 years of age. But why are the creators of Family is looking to these people? At this time we do not see immediately a logical explanation for a possible storyline. In the coming weeks or months will without doubt be clear what exactly is going to happen. Would there perhaps suddenly an old character back popping up? Or some characters in the Family returned from a trip to Africa and they bring a family? Without doubt the screenwriters, again one and another in store for the viewers of Family.

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