Police in Sri Lanka found 15 dead suspected terrorists

0a6740166dfcee890857bb4397880911 - Police in Sri Lanka found 15 dead suspected terrorists

In Sri Lanka has a politiecommando fifteen bodies found in a home. The police had the building together with the army surrounded and was on the point to the dwelling to fall. The operation was part of the investigation into the deadly suicide bombings of last weekend.

In the east of Sri Lanka had a politiecommando a building in the town of Sainthamaruthu in the visor because the police suspected that terrorists were Together with the army was the police about to the house to drop when the commandoleden from the house shot.

Then sounded inside the building at least three explosions.

The police searched the house and found fifteen bodies, twelve in the house and three outside. Among the dead are six children and three women, said a politiewoordvoerder.

The police suspect that one or more suicide bombers responsible for the explosions. A woman and a child in the incident were injured, for care to the hospital.

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