Dutch Ilse DeLange under the impression of her Flemish colleagues

d18af6d8ad6b2b6989e4c6460c4a3b4f - Dutch Ilse DeLange under the impression of her Flemish colleagues

Every Monday night, to spoil the love for music of the screen at VTM. And that love is evident also by the viewer shared. With almost 700,000 – for 29,4% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +3) – enjoyed them last week from the original arrangements of the songs by Milow. On Monday, the 29th of april it is the turn of the songs of Ilse DeLange, which we mainly know from the beginning of her career, with songs like’I’m Not So Tough World of Hurt. In 2014 surprised us and the world with a second place at the Eurovision song contest with The Common Linnets and the song Calm After The Storm.

Ilse was on her 8th already noted in playbackwedstrijden. She is rather a coincidence in the country-scene rolled, but that was her like a glove. Meanwhile, she has a lot of records to her name, giving them 18 times platinum has been obtained. She is also a coach in The Voice of Holland.

Ilse got the love for music from her father: “Who sang always very happy, loudly in the kitchen, because that reverberated beyond beautiful.” As the Dutch felt Ilse is initially a bit of an outsider of the group: “Though we live close to each other, sometimes that border is very, very fat and very thick, and difficult to get over it to get to.” But it went clear quickly: “I’m incredibly impressed, overwhelmed actually, by this experience. And that has everything to do with the people. Apart from that the other great musicians, singer-songwriters, musicians, I experience a special chemistry between everyone. We are already a small familietje”.

Laura kicks the episode Monday with the Top Down, a song from one of the last albums of Ilse DeLange that Laura fits the bill is written. She blows Ilse immediately of her socks: “You’re so young and you’re just. It is there fully. BAM”.

Bart was on the first “ear” fell in love with So Incredible: “What good is a country that is so close to the life, from the heart.” He made a very soft Speaking bossa nova version of that Ilse and incredibly beautiful: “You took me to a very hot, sultry evening and you were the breeze that came by. You wanted it to last forever would last.”

In Flanders, it is Eurosongnummer Calm After The Storm-probably the most famous song of Ilse: “The song was immensely successful. It hit something. It is also about something ‘real’”. Mich is for the performance with the poepers’ because the song is so important for Ilse. Completely unnecessary show quickly. “This is an instant Belpop classic”, the Netherlands.

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