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Bottas wins incidentrijke battle for pole in Azerbaijan, favourite Leclerc crashes

95c5b82d9b354609fbab466615ad5916 - Bottas wins incidentrijke battle for pole in Azerbaijan, favourite Leclerc crashes

Valtteri Bottas has an exciting and incidentrijke battle for the polepositie in Azerbaijan won. Charles Leclerc, one of the favourites for the polepositie, crashed.

During the first part of the qualification, we saw a lot of riders in the error, or is verremmen, including world champion Lewis Hamilton. For most riders limited the damage to the mess up of their round.

At the end of Q1, we were however a red flag due to a crash of Robert Kubica. The Pool was on the narrowest part of the street circuit in the error and crashed head-on with his F1 car against the wall.

The crash happened fortunately at not too high speed. Kubica was quickly out of his car and had no serious injuries to his crash, his Williams F1 car was severely damaged.

The hoisting of Kubica his F1 car, and the repair of the Tecpro barriers took a lot of time, making Q2 with the necessary delay of the start went.

In the middle of Q2, we were even more rubbish. No one less than Ferrari-driver Charles Leclerc, the big favorite for the polepositie, drove his car in the same place as Robert Kubica against the wall.

Drama for Leclerc and Ferrari, and that under the eyes of big boss John Elkann who is full of disbelief and his head shook. Leclerc was unscathed from his car, something that is not said could be his F1 bolide.

Leclerc took immediately after the crash the blame entirely on himself, and then joined the team. Via social media did the Ferrari pilot to the fans understand that it was his fault and that he on Sunday during the race as hard as possible to compete for a good result.

Ultimately, it was Verstappen who, during Q2, the fastest time reed, Bottas, Hamilton, Perez, Vettel and Leclerc, where Leclerc, of course, can not participate in the Q3, the final part in which the polepositie is fought.

Given the many incidents and the loss of Charles Leclerc as the big favourite for the polepositie was looking how in Q3, the battle for the polepositie would expire.

Max Verstappen opened the debates with a 1:41.447. Bottas dived soon however under the provisional besttijd of the Dutchman, and then Lewis Hamilton on the provisional pole time aanscherpte to 1:40.703. Sebastian Vettel drove in. his Ferrari a provisional second time in about four tenths of Hamilton.

Verstappen drove then a second fast lap, which he the second time Vettel improved, even at almost four tenths of Hamilton.

During the final attempt at a fast lap to put down, we saw a train with cars with Sebastian Vettel at the front and back of both Mercedes drivers. The harbinger of an exciting denouement of the battle for pole.

Vettel did a throw back to the polepositie but finished on 0,094 sec of Hamilton are besttijd. Valtteri Bottas succeeded, however, in to Hamilton are besttijd to improve. Bottas so on pole for Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

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