African runners are not welcome in the half marathon in Trieste

867e76d56542148b48321ab92e4cff34 - African runners are not welcome in the half marathon in Trieste

There should be no Africans to participate in the half marathon in Trieste. The organization wants only European allow participants to protest against the ‘exploitation’ of African athletes.

According to organiser Fabio Carini, there is today a commercial trade in African runners’ who ‘exploited and underpaid’.

“This is unacceptable and we can no longer let pass. It is time that measures be taken. To make that clear, we have decided this year only European athletes to invite, ” Carini quoted in the newspaper La Repubblica.

The remarkable decision is the organization on a lot of criticism. Among others, mep Isabella De Monte (Italy, Partito Democratico) has a ‘purification in the sport.

She says that the protest against the trade in black athletes just a pretext is due to the organiser.

“Professional athletes are denied because they are from Africa. We have to be careful, because we say it months. The situation threatens out of our hands slip and we slide down to the dark hours. On such decisions can be only one reaction: outrage. Sports is parts, one, equality, loyalty and respect. That we teach our children. But what example do we give with such decisions, she wonders.

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