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According to Binance IOTA follows: IOTA Academy started yesterday

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According to Binance IOTA follows: IOTA Academy started yesterday

Home News After Binance the following IOTA: IOTA Academy launched yesterday

Marcel Knobloch –

After Binance has already established some time ago, a “learning area” with their “Binance Academy”, the following IOTA of this model and announces the establishment of the IOTA Academy. The IOTA Academy is an international collaboration that aims to advance the development and adaptation of the IOTA Ecosystem.

The IOTA Foundation has announced the 25.04.2019 the founding of the IOTA Academy. The Academy is the “first international Academy program of the Foundation, in Close cooperation with the IOT1 Academy which has its headquarters in Berlin and Shanghai. The Academy provides many training materials that can be purchased online. Special focus is on a broad-based selection of documents for programmers and developers.

IOTA takes in the blog post, however, is that in the next few days, further documentation for Non-programmers, Blockchain enthusiasts, futurists, and students, but also the project Manager for the firm, concept developer and Manager at C-Level will follow. Furthermore, students “of the IOTA Academy you can acquire” one IOTA developer certification. This performance zertifitkat confirmed that a written and oral examination by members of the IOTA Foundation. Holger Köther, that the Start of the Academy will lead to a greater acceptance of the IOTA network in the Internet of things (freely translated):

We believe that an investment in the IOTA training, as well as the acquisition of profound Knowledge in a short period of time for companies, engineers and developers to be of great Benefit in order to make the upcoming IoT-Machine-to-Machine Ecosystems actively.

In order for IOTA to be a part of a whole series of other founders who have launched in recent years, educational initiatives of various sizes. For example, invested Ripple large amounts in the research and development, as well as for the recruitment of proof at renowned universities in the world. Cardano as well as Binance also offer similar educational program. Although the rate has fallen from IOTA in the last time, the Team is ambitious, the world-wide presence.

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