Trump rejects UN arms trade treaty

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The Us president, Donald Trump has the UN arms trade treaty is rejected. In that way, would the United States once again from a international process steps.

The Arms trade Treaty the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty or ATT) since 2014. According to a Us official put Washington’s step since big wapenuitvoerders such as Russia and China, the treaty is not signed. The US do not want that their sovereignty is limited, while that is not true for their rivals. Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama, signed the Treaty.

“The United Nations will soon release a formal notice that the united states, this convention rejects,” said Trump Friday. He gave a speech for the vuurwapenlobby NRA, which he heavy criticism expressed on the ” very ill-considered deal’. On stage founded Trump a formal demand to the American Senate to the ratification process no longer to perform and the treaty to the Oval Office to send back. His words were accepted with applause.

‘Pupils ‘ protect’

“We reaffirm that the American freedom is sacred and that American citizens have to live according to American laws, not the laws of other countries,” says Trump.

The president used his speech to the NRA also states that teachers allow firearms in the classrooms to contribute if they are trained. That way, they protect themselves and the students that they would like to see’.

“When guns are outlawed, only criminals firearms possess,” said Trump.

The arms trade treaty (ATT) regulates the international trade in conventional weapons. The sets rules on the export of weapons and must voorkopen that weapons in illegal circuits end up. According to the UN, have 101 countries the ATT is signed.

Since Trump in January 2017 came to power, stopped the United States from the climate deal Paris, the IraaZnse nuclear agreement and the bilateral INF treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) with Russia.

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