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The inevitable elections and the inevitable Jan Mulder, fill your tv-evening

8efb786dea82d1c185279d7fb53c0e63 - The inevitable elections and the inevitable Jan Mulder, fill your tv-evening

What is there to pick it up on the tube tonight: drama from the United States, drama in the Rue de la loi and drama in the hospice. With hosts Ivan De Vadder, Jeff Daniels or john Mulder.

In respect

Canvas 20.00-20.30 hours

Kris Peeters will speak about his open letter/attack N-VA and its European proposals. Regard to looks also forward to the elections in Spain on Sunday. In the studio is war photographer Paul Conroy, friend of Marie Colvin, the journalist who in 2012 in Syria was killed.

The Appointment on Friday

Canvas 20.30-21.00 hours

Ivan De Vadder talk with Meyrem Almaci, Rik Torfs, and Alain Gerlache about the bearing of The Standard/VRT in Flanders and Wallonia. Also, the response of the French president Emmanuel Macron on the cardigans jaunes is on the agenda.

The Voice

VTM News 19.00

VTM kicks in the news bulletins of seven hours the last month before the elections, with a beautiful poster: Maggie De Block (Open VLD) vs. its predecessor on Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA).

The looming tower

BBC 2 22.30-23.20 hours

Acclaimed dramareeks of the Netflix competitor Hulu, after the book by Pulitzer-winner Lawrence Wright, about how the rivalry between the FBI and the CIA 9/11 possible. The main role is for the formidable Jeff Daniels, who a few years ago even though alone The newsroom bijeenhield.

Following IN the footsteps of D-Day

NPO 2 21.10-22.00

Philip Freriks, who you know as the host of The large dictation and the Dutch version of The world’s smartest man, brings six weeks of the events of Operation Overlord, the allied invasion of Germany-occupied Europe.

The eternal life of Jan Mulder

NPO 1 22.30-23.05 hours

Jan Mulder is a time not about football talk about, that need refreshing. In this six-part series he examines how you become immortal. By as often as possible on tv, seems to us to be.

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