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Samsung invests in Wallet developer Ledger – Coin Hero

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Samsung invests in Wallet developer Ledger

Home News Samsung invests in Wallet developer Ledger

Matthias Nemack –

The partnership sounds very promising. Both for the two companies as well as the Fans of crypto-currencies, from Bitcoin to Zcash.

South Korea’s electronics giant surprised recently at Smartphone development

A supposed insider reports about the South Korean manufacturer Samsung it was in the past few months in a beautiful regularity. The IT giant, it was said at times, plans a large scale in-house developments in the area of the Blockchain. Also on investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Coins has been repeatedly speculated. Last were in addition to reports, the companies plan to the new Smartphone Galaxy S10, the Integration of a special Wallet. The speculation, was it a Bitcoin-enabled digital wallet have been recently disproved, as it became known, that the built-in Wallet can in fact store until Further notice, only Ether. Other news from the environment of the company are correct.

Million for French-Wallet-expert

For example, the Information that the electronics giant brings its own Blockchain Know-how in the framework of development of the state. In particular, Samsung provides at the end of the week with a opinion of the extensive Investment in the French company Ledger some attention – even the Wallet developer Ledger, benefited from the news. At least 2.6 million euros, the investment sum amounts, as currently in international crypto-trade portals. For the Wallet-professional financial means syringe, first of all, a further increase in value, simply by the initial message. Neither in Samsung nor in the Ledger, it is expressed officially to the messages.

Samsung’s entry as the basis of new developments?

For the boys Wallet provider the large Name of the new Partner is, however, safe is even more important. According to rumors, a few other well-known investors could get in, which would mean more capital for the development of new Hardware for the storage of Litecoin, Monero and other digital currencies. Last year, the Paris-based company had taken a high double-digit million sum in the course of a round of financing. At the same time as new funding through the giant Samsung, the personnel carousel is spinning at the moment when French companies.

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