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‘Mural in London, new work from Banksy

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A new mural that recently appeared in London would be the work of the world-famous artist Banksy. That is already the judgment of a connoisseur and collector.

The mural depicts a young girl from the logo of the London klimaatactiegroep Extinction Rebellion is holding, above the slogan,”From this moment despair ends and tactics begin’ (From this point on, ending the despair and the start of the tactic). On the ground germinates to a plant, that the girl seems to have planted with the small spade next to it.

The work was placed in the vicinity of Marble Arch, the monument in London, where the klimaatactivisten of Extinction Rebellion already two weeks long protest organizing.

It was speculated that Banksy’s work would be, given the great similarity with his other work. But now is also artist and Banksy-collector John Brandler formal: the going here is definitely a new Banksy. Both the execution as well as the theme of the work, according to him, no room for doubt.

“Not only is the theme of the klimaatactivisten a theme behind which Banksy to implement,” says Brandler to The Guardian. “The work also seems to be a continuation of an earlier work, that last december, appeared in Port Talbot (a town in Wales, ed.).’

City examines work of art

A spokesperson of the London borough of Westminster tells The Guardian that the city council currently lets examine whether there is an authentic Banksy.

The anonymous artist had not yet heard of, something he in the past did after new works by him have surfaced. Attempts by The Guardian to his media team to achieve, failed.

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