Mr Gay Belgium Bart Hesters in hospital with heart problems

52c92f8352f5b0722526b96b068cc368 - Mr Gay Belgium Bart Hesters in hospital with heart problems

Each year represents Mr Gay Belgium to our country, during the LGBT’s international ambassadors election of Mr Gay World, this year from Sunday, april 28, continuing on in the South African Cape town.
Bart Hesters (33) which is in full preparation was made for his participation was earlier this week admitted to hospital after he became unwell. After investigation, it is revealed that he is struggling with heart problems. The doctors gave him a negative travel advice, that’s the end of his Mr Gay World adventure means.

“I can feel, not describe. It does me a lot of pain in this way my participation in Mr Gay World to end. Weeks of preparation to internationally my message of ” A Heart For Caring’ spread stops now, and this for the sake of my health. Am really devastated.”, says Bart Hesters.

According to MGB organizer Bram Bierkens, this was the wisest decision. “The health of Bart is paramount. We have all of the options examined but the doctors write him already some weeks of rest, which advice he should follow. I hope that Bart quickly back to the old.”

The MGB organization issues now 1st runner-up Nick Van Vooren (22) from Eeklo to Cape town, that the preparatory work of Bart goes and this will expand his campaign around adoption and surrogacy for LGBT couples.

The final of Mr Gay World will take place on Saturday 4 may.

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