Mozambique again, affected by cyclone

3eba60e0f9d2e79bb5592e29677963a5 - Mozambique again, affected by cyclone

The cyclone Kenneth has in Mozambique and in the Comoros, multiple deaths, and a lot of damage. The region is still not even recovered from the devastation of the cyclone Idai, who last month more than 1,000 lives.

The cyclone Kenneth came from the Indian ocean, and swept with a speed of up to 280 kilometres per hour towards the south-east of Africa. That caused tidal waves of up to five metres high. Especially for the Comoros, a small island group between Mozambique and Madagascar, the consequences were disastrous. On the islands fell, at least three deaths.

The cyclone came ashore near the northern port city of Pemba. It is expected that the power will decrease even Kenneth pull more inland. There is certainly Monday feared major flooding.

Out of precaution, yet 30,000 people required evacuated from the area. Emergency services are massively on the spot, and have for about 140,000 people emergency equipment available.

The disaster of last month hit especially the south of the country. The city of Beira was largely destroyed.

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