More than 300 American students in quarantine after possible exposure to measles

9672afa0eaa82fed41f7e775f680ea6e - More than 300 American students in quarantine after possible exposure to measles

In Los Angeles, more than 300 students and staff in two universities at least a day to be kept in quarantine, because they may have been exposed to the measles. It comes to precautions.

Previously, it appeared that a student of the university of California in Los Angeles to measles suffered and the beginning of april, while he was at the institution took lessons as possible, 500 people exposed to the infection. All those persons were 119 students and 8 staff members of the university not immediately medical documents to present which prove that they are immune to the measles.

Approximately at the same time, it appeared that an infected person who is the California State university also visited this may, hundreds of students and employees exposed. Of them had about 198 people are not proof of immunity.

The health authorities decided that the total of 325 persons who may not be vaccinated are 24 to 48 hours in quarantine until their immunity can be demonstrated. As possible, some even up to a week-long seclusion should continue.


The United States camps is currently with a mazelenepidemie. The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently announced that since the beginning of this year in the country, 695 cases were registered. The disease has its worst recovery since in 2000 when they officially eradicated was declared in the US.

In the United States there is an active antivaccinatiebeweging. Quite a few parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, due to religious reasons but also because they have the benefit of doubt or fear for adverse side effects.

The authorities try to counter that tendency to go through the importance of vaccination in children is stress. California implemented in 2016 very strict vaccinatiewetten to the percentage of vaccinations to the altitude. But that golden is not for school students and young adults that their training had already been completed at the time the regulations came into force. In this way, a large group of young people arise who are very sensitive to infections, say experts.

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