John Bercow refuses to state banquet with Donald Trump

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Although the violent Brexit debates preliminary what are died down, let John Bercow again. The chairman of the British house of Commons gives the American president Trump does not consent to the house of Commons to speak and denies the state banquet to attend.

At the invitation of queen Elizabeth brings president Donald Trump on 3, 4 and 5 June a state visit to the United Kingdom. The visit is primarily in the character of the commemoration of D-Day, the day on which 75 years ago, especially British and American soldiers flock France invaded.

But not everyone is set up with the arrival of the American president. John Bercow has already set the tone by without further explanation to opt for the traditional state banquet. Critics find the cancellation of lack of respect of witnesses against the Queen, and the American people. According to them, puts Bercow also a good relationship with the White House on the game.

Yet refuses Bercow also to give consent to Trump during the official visit the British parliament to speak. ‘That is not self-evident privilege, but an honor that someone must earn it, ” argues the chairman. Since last week try British politicians and diplomats Bercow to convince to agree with a speech by Trump in Westminster.

Protocol to the boot

The previous visit of Trump to the United Kingdom in July of 2018 did a lot of dust raised. He is caused when the fuss by Boris Johnson to prices as a better government than Theresa May and London mayor Sadiq Khan to accuse of crime to the capital to import. During a visit to Windsor Castle cobble Trump all of the protocols to his boot by queen Elizabeth to wait and against the appointment for her to step out. In London, tens of thousands of people on the street to protest against the American president. For the state visit in June will be re-protests planned.

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