French eliteschool goes on the kick

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“I think that the Ecole National d’administration (ENA), abolished.’ This sentence gave Emmanuel Macron in his tv speech, the fate of the eliteschool that Charles de Gaulle in 1945 founded.

In recent years, took the criticism on the ENA: the prestigious setting would be too elitist, graduates deliver that cut off from the reality of the ordinary Frenchman, and the creativity and contradiction at the top hamper by technocrats with a pensée unique produce.

Charles de Gaulle had the school in 1945. He did that to the training of senior civil servants to professionalize, even though with regard to the reconstruction of France after the war.

Dozens of ‘énarques’ kicked it to the highest level of politics, as a member of parliament, minister, prime minister – the current prime minister Edouard Philippe – president: Valéry Giscard d’estaing, Jacques Chirac, François Hollande and Macron himself studied at the ENA.

The abolition of the ENA was already in the leaked speech that the French president initially wanted to keep on april 15, but who, however, did not come to fruition because of the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral.
The idea resulted in the youngest days up to a fierce debate. “Let’s not break what many countries as a reference to consider,” said Hollande. “You must not criticize the fact that they have an elite that creates, on the narrow social base on which that happens.’

The current director of the ENA, Patrick Gérard, defended his institution in an op-ed in Le Figaro: “No, the students of the ENA are not driven by a desire in the lives of their fellow citizens more complex. (…) No, they come not through favouritism but after a demanding exam. (…) No, these are not all privileged.’

Patrick Gérard recognized that one can regret that only 19 percent of the students is the child of a laborer, farmer, clerk, craftsman, or unemployed. Macron wants to be a better recruitment and wider formation in the successor of the ENA.

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