Eline De Munck goes international

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Every year around this time of the year, Eline De Munck her new created an eyewear collection for. Thursday evening was the new pop-up on the Meir in Antwerp officially opened and there will be Eline De Munck the following months regularly are present and the customers help. But there is more because there is also a temporary store in Ghent is open.

71 frames. 360 pairs of glasses in different colors. 11 countries. Nearly 250 distributors. These are but a few of the figures of 4 years Odette Lunettes. The Belgian brand of spectacles of Eline De Munck launches today, Thursday 25 april 2019, 14 new frames in the ALLURE and VOYEUR-line. In addition to Antwerp opens Odette Lunettes this time also a Temporary Store in Ghent. Belgian fashion above, because Odette Lunettes also has a cooperation with the Antwerp-based fashion brand SVNTY and they bring together today 3 pair of sneakers.

The international story of Odette Lunettes continues to grow. The past few months is Odette Lunettes also in Poland, Germany and Switzerland. In addition to Belgium brings that with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Macau, South Korea, England and Monaco, the total at this moment in 11 countries. “Too crazy for words”, says Eline De Munck. “When my business partner Bob and I the story 4 years ago in Belgium have started, we never thought that our glasses the borders would not cross. It gives a tremendous satisfaction to know that the quality and the timeless nature of our eyewear also in other countries is noted.”

The new frames fall again in the taste at the ” known brillers’. The attentive Blind Married-viewers VTM had already had notice: Jolene, Annelies, Stijn, Line, Joke, and Victor wear a pair of glasses from the new collection. Also, among other Staf Coppens, Adil El Arbi, Jan Kooijman, Koen Wauters, Matteo Simoni and the world famous DJ Martin Solveig wear a pair of glasses.

Where ALLURE stands for timeless, trendy and elegant optical and zonnebrilmonturen, brings VOYEUR eccentric and eye-catching sunglasses. The 14 new frames for men (Odette Homme) and women (Odette Femme), there are in different colors and are re-named after the American ophthalmologists. In the ALLURE line are that these 8 frames: Harper, Thorne, Parker, Sweeney, Penny, Larsson, Dawson and Colsky. In the VOYEUR-line that this 6: Byron Morgan, Pebbles, Gibbs, Diani and Hirst.

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