Dutch tourists can be retrieved from Sri Lanka

75900b42e981c9b3fdbbe4e87618de57 - Dutch tourists can be retrieved from Sri Lanka

The travel agencies in the Netherlands on Friday to “their” Dutch holidaymakers recovery from Sri Lanka. That has the coordinating Calamiteitenfonds decided, after the ministry of Foreign Affairs Thursday, a tightened travel advice was issued.

It goes according to the fund between 300 and 400 people who have booked with a travel agent.

According to director Erik Jan Reuver of the Calamiteitenfonds is the decision taken in consultation with the affiliated travel agencies. That are, according to him, the most and the largest.

The Dutch people can the next few days fly back. The travel agencies arrange themselves that they are scheduled services, for example, KLM and Emirates fly.

Also the British recommend temporarily off to Sri Lanka to travel. The Belgian federal public service of Foreign Affairs asks travelers, ” is the greatest vigilance on the day and the local media to follow’.

In the attacks last Sunday in several churches and hotels were at least 250 people were killed.

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