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Charles Leclerc is not obsessed with first F1 victory

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After its debut last year in the Formula 1, driving Charles Leclerc this year for Ferrari. The expectations are high, and Leclerc showed several times already, that he is a challenger of team-mate Vettel. According to Leclerc, it is rather a matter of time before he made his first F1 victory.

Charles Leclerc took hold in Bahrain in addition to his first-ever victory in the Formula 1 due to a problem with the engine of his Ferrari F1-racing car. Barely holds Leclerc still his first podium in Formula 1, though that was but a meager consolation.

Leclerc itself by that setback and not be discouraged and try as best as possible and to build his F1 career at Ferrari.

“It is certainly not an obsession,” says Leclerc on Thursday in Baku. “My obsession currently is to get my job in the car to be as good as possible and try to get the full potential out of the car to pick up. I am sure that the results will come.”

“Of course, I am quite impatient to get my first victory, I will be there to work hard.”

His first victory in the Formula 1, and that, of course, along with Ferrari, however, is not obsession for the Monegask.

“I’m not obsessed by it and I don’t think that it would be a good way to a race weekend to access by only the victory to think,” said Leclerc. “I am obsessed by it as much as possible performance out of the car.”

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