Belgium recommends traveling to Sri Lanka af

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The belgians that are not strictly necessary in Sri Lanka, remain the best way out of the country. The FPS Foreign Affairs has, this morning, the travel custom: all non-essential travel discouraged.

This is evident from a notice posted on the website of the FPS. Belgians who stay in the country, are requested to contact the embassy in New Delhi. Who is the country express wants to leave must have been a tour operator or airline approach.

‘If you are in Sri Lanka, we advise you to be vigilant and to be careful, the instructions and advice of the local authorities, gatherings, ceremonies and public places, avoid your trips to limit and, where possible, to stay’, says the advice.

The adjustment of the travel advisory comes after the attacks of last Sunday. Terrorists had then three churches and three hotels coined. In addition, hundreds of people came to life. The attack is opgeïst by terror group IS.

Previously had the Netherlands and Great Britain have a negative travel advice issued.

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