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Antwerp stunt after incidentrijke match now against Standard

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13 on 18. Antwerp takes in Play-off 1 with kampioenencijfers. And after the victory against Standard is actually in addition to Club Brugge in second place. Lamkel Zé, this time was Super-Didier. Until he is in the slot, just as in the competitiematch, red got.

No Carcela in the team at Standard: you’re looking at it anyway, if you know that he is a year ago together with Edmilson the big man was in Play-off 1. Already had Michel Preud’homme it be suggested, of course, to say that he is not the absolute will to 3 or 4 percent better.” Just as the captain Mpoku leaves Carcela normally after this season – their own choice, according to the coach.

Also, when Antwerp fell, a clubicoon (again) in addition to the team. ‘Geoffke Deurne-Noord ” – also known as Hairemans called, or was it vice versa? – was even in the grandstand. In this case, no cock which is to crowed, and that can only mean that it very, very well goes with the Great Old – otherwise you would fans rather hear. At the end of april is still a ” home and bet a shared second place: the high point for the oldest club of the country.

Groggy Laifis

Standard called for the start of the play-offs still the big titeloutsider, but that feeling was not so much more about it, if you for the match the people heard. And Antwerp is now already two years a defensive/negative team, but tried his opponent last night and yet again straight to the throat to seize. By high pressure, constant position change and by full-Laifis in the back to tackle. Opare, Lamkel Zé, Haroun, later Baby: they went one for one on the Cypriot, who is groggy after a kopduel with Opare. Halfway through the first half, he was out of his misery and substituted. Also Opare, who, during the week, with muscle complaints was, had to be removed.

In terms of chances it was a lean creature, on the other side. Lamkel Zé suggested Ochoa of far a time on the trial, Marin did the same with Bolat. Just after the half hour then still cheering in the stands, Verboomen be, after all, strict to the dot. After a flurry of Lamkel Zé had Kosanovic Baby bothered in the sixteen, the penalty seemed logical. Mbokani set him coldly. The hardest part was the discussion with team mates Lamkel Zé and Refaelov, who also like had stepped on. The first because he is the child uithing – he went to complain to the bank, with his arms wide blocked Bölöni understood nothing of. The second because he always kicks his 33rd birthday and like the losing of Standard wanted to prove. The Rouches were last summer, interested, but chairman Venanzi didn Refaelov not.

Thank you VAR

The 1-0 brought life in the brewery and the spaces were already bigger. Neither Haroun nor Baby could, however, 2-0 and that defendants themselves. In the 49th minute before resting because they played about for a long time – there was suddenly Zinho Vanheusden after a cross from Marin all the way to forget was to the second pole and still 1-1. On a thief.

Shortly after peace was also 1-2 in the making. This time put Verboomen the ball for the Standard on the dot, after Arslanagic Emond down had geschoffeld. He had not himself seen, but the VAR enhanced contact him. Emond himself sat behind the ball, ready for his seventeenth of the season, but took aim then at Bolat, and… lap and the beckoning rebound high over. You saw Preud’homme on the bench thinking: if this all fails…

That huge mistakes, gave to Antwerp, of course, is a huge boost. It was now himself looking for a new lead and on the hour also rewarded. Again, was shouted for a penalty after a push on Mbokani, but Lamkel Zé pulled nothing. The Kameroener kept the ball in play and hit him low beyond Ochoa. Blissfully happy, he was – this time in a positive sense. He pulled out a piece of paper down his FIFA buddy Nando Nöstlinger – captain of the promises – to greet.


Standard if full to the bak, but it proved simply too little quality. Further than a good vrijschop of Marin, saved by Bolat, not initially. Unfortunately – for everyone – also showed the quality of the beer isn’t that because some supporters behind the visiting dug-out found it necessary to put their cup in the direction of Preud’homme to throw. Philippe Clement made it here already, it’s still embarrassing. Verboomen did not hesitate and sent both teams to the inside.

After a few minutes we were able to resume and the question was, or maybe the sunken Carcela something could mean. Or his team maybe 3 to 4 percent better. The answer was ‘no’. There was only a stir when Lamkel Zé after a battle on Mpoku a red card was given. ‘From antihero to hero, ” we wanted to write, but we were a little too fast. Luckily for him his ten team mates position.

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