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Why we are so concerned about Britney Spears

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“This gets out of hand. My family gets death threats.’ Britney Spears felt compelled to respond to #FreeBritney, the conspiracy theory that claims that Spears against her will included.

It went just downhill with Spears: the health problems of her father played her mental tricks, making them in January its concert series Britney: Domination in Las Vegas canceled. In april …

It went just downhill with Spears: the health problems of her father played her mental tricks, making them in January its concert series Britney: Domination in Las Vegas canceled. In april it became known that Spears are already more than a week in a psychiatric hospital would stay. They would own the recording of thirty days asked, reported TMZ. The same day, followed a Instagrampost with the quote”Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body, spirit’. The short caption read: “We all need to make time for a little me-time’, and was followed by a smiley.

And leave it just now that smiley that her fans worried, because on Instagram used Spears in the old-fashioned combination of the colon and the closing parenthesis never. “They that Britneys Instagramaccount follow, know that she is fond of emoji’s’, say, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, in their Britney’s Grams, a podcast, and only about Britneys Instagrampagina.

According to Barker and Gray would be britney Spears, the post never posted. And that is not all, as they say in the ” special noodaflevering’ #FreeBritney: according to a reliable source, Spears refused her medication to take, and forced her father to her therefore, the concert series off to order and to be included in the psychiatric clinic.

Girls Gone Wild Effect

Can that just? To that question we have more than ten years back in time. It is 2007. Spears is 25 years old. She is the mother of two children, twice married and twice divorced. After her breakup with Kevin Federline, she throws herself with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in the nightlife. Tabloids speak of ‘The Girls Gone Wild Effect ” and portray eagerly all the evenings when a confused and drunk, Spears, with, underwear, goes out. The paparazzi follow her when she has her hair afscheert, and kuslipjes on her wrist and hip tattooed. And when another paparazzo attack with an umbrella.

A year later ken a judge Jamie Spears’ desire to have his daughter back under his custody. The system of the guardianship, such as that occurs in the state of California, was designed to the elderly and vulnerable to protect, and consists of two types of guardians: one responsible for the physical and mental health of the protected, the other for his financial state. Spears had both her father and lawyer Andrew Wallet. (Yes, you did read that correctly: the man with the English word for a portfolio as a surname managed Spears’ financial affairs.) Concrete could Spears no personal or financial decision without their consent, not even the most prosaic, such as a Starbuckskoffie or a little hiking.

Mr. Voicemail

But it was not much better with her? Why is the custody maintained? “Because they have so much money contributed, and the attorneys and guardians to be paid,” says Elaine Renoire, president of the American National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, in the New York Times. “Usually, the guardianship is maintained as long as the protected or her family there are no problems around.”

What her guardians may not do, says The Guardian, Spears require certain medication to take, or to leave the record. But let’s keep that just are what they are according to the source in Britney’s Grams did. We hear a voice mail message from an assistant of a lawyer, who are britney Spears’ custody treated: because Spears her medication and refused to take it, would her father forced her to have her series of concerts to say. Her ‘decision’ he would his disease have sheared.

But there is more. When Spears later only drive, would they, again according to the source, an important rule is broken: a breach that led to its inclusion in the psychiatric clinic, in January. There would be her manager Larry Rudolph for something. The source, who is on the internet all with a smile Mr. Voicemail is called, states that Rudolph, during a private meeting would have said that the whole situation ‘at the very least the ticket sales will help when we do the shows in Las Vegas once again to announce’.

Her second guardian (you remember mr. Wallet) at the beginning of march resigned, after he was just storage, for Barker, and Gray is the ultimate proof that it is a smelly won’t: what the lawyer hands does not want to vuilmaken. The podcastmakers launched the hashtag #FreeBritney. Fans protested in Los Angeles with signs like ‘the Truth will set her free’ and ‘Britney is no Slave 4 You’.


Wednesday felt Spears is forced to respond on Instagram. The rumors and threats to the address of her family and her team would be there its not easier to make. “This gets out of hand!’, she begins, ‘there are rumours that lead to death threats to my family and my team.” She asked her fans to privacy and promised that it will be well with her: ‘You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and I fight for what I want!’ ‘All is well’, she said in the accompanying video.

How well Barker and Gray of Britney’s Grams also thought with their #FreeBritney – one of the two even begins to cry at the thought of the glass cage in which Spears day in, day out lives – of course, there’s a lot to say on the fact that they have such incriminating information just the world in it, under the guise Spears to want to protect. But it also raises interesting questions. How else than in 2007, we are now going to have with celebrities and their mental health?

2007 was the year of Pete Doherty’s ex-fiancée Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse’ marriage with Blake Fielder-Civil, and Kim Kardashians sekstape. Paparazzi were the one juicy gossip after another juicy picture, and we enjoyed his meal. Kindster reached the world reached the precipice: very good. Why are we so concerned about Britney? Why do we want to free her? Simple: we feel guilty. In 2007, Britney Spears is still out of control, dangerous and hysterical, now she has become a mantra: ‘If Britney Spears survived 2007, you can make it through today’.

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