Three-year-old boy only found on Us border with Mexico

e66b7b28cb7f8eecee241ef916baf6ad - Three-year-old boy only found on Us border with Mexico

The Us customs has at the border with Mexico Wednesday, a three-year-old boy found. The child was all alone. According to the customs officers was the boy left behind by smugglers’. The child having regard to his age not yet well express, but his shoes were his name and a phone number written, reported to the border guards in a communiqué.

The boy was in the early morning found after patrol agents at the height of Brownsville, in south Texas, to the border a few people on foot were noted. “When the group wanted to intercept, fled the country spread away in a corn field. In search of the foliage met the agents of the toddler crying.

The child’s doctors examined and in good health found. The border guards have the whole day over him in pity. The boy will now be entrusted to employees of the ministry of Health, that unaccompanied migrant children received. To do this, turned all efforts to the parents of the boy to contact to nothing.

The United States saw itself in the past months, confronted with a growing number of immigrants from South America. Who are increasingly travelling in a group and with family. The American president Donald Trump has of the fight against illegal immigration a priority of his policy.

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