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The study analyzed citizens ‘ opinion on Bitcoin and crypto-Assets – Coin Hero

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The study analyzed citizens ‘ opinion on Bitcoin and crypto-Assets

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Matthias Nemack –

The crypto-professionals of the company bitFlyer devote themselves to a study of the question, as it is the trust in crypto-Assets in ten countries.

Service providers from Japan evaluates the crypto-opinion in Europe

The new study of the company’s bitFlyer from Japan is quite large. Overall, the opinions of people in at least ten States within Europe have been taken into account and evaluated. Out of every 1,000 people were interviewed. At home, the survey participants, which should provide, among other things, for Bitcoin, for example, in Germany, France and Italy, but also in the UK, Poland and some other countries. How many people use Wallets for crypto-currencies or accounts in the crypto-currency stock exchange, BitFlyer, played no role.

Where will Bitcoin be in ten years?

What was the analysis? A question related to whether the participants discuss the Bitcoin as the main crypto currency in ten years of existence of opportunities. The answer: Only 49 % of respondents say the Bitcoin on a 10-year period, a future. For the crypto sector as a whole, the value was 63% significantly positive. The Bitcoin is, after a decade, still an attractive Investment, can think of only seven percent. What is striking is the differences in the estimates made in the different participating countries. The French seem to be especially sceptical, with only 40% believe in the future of Bitcoin. Crypto currencies as a Whole reached 55%, a better value.

Northern Europe seems to be crypto-to see opportunities for positive

Ethereum, Ripple, and co. have as a crypto-asset in the eyes of the respondents in Norway (73 % of them expect that crypto-currencies and products have) have a better reputation than, for example, in Poland, where only 55 % of the survey participants believe that crypto-Assets model with positive future prospects. The extent to which the survey is representative, is not to be questioned at this point. Rather, it is simply exciting to see how different the crypto-market in different countries is perceived. The basic tenor seems to be that the Bitcoin will survive the second decade of its history. The same is true for the industry as a whole, the confidence, the majority of respondents in Europe. The change overall is in the digital world, not surprisingly. The persons in the evaluation of the trading platform BitFlyer at the heart of knowledge.

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