The first four names for the Festival Of The Ambiance 2019

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’t ‘Kuipke’ in Ghent is getting ready for the 9deeditie of the ‘Festival Atmosphere’ on Saturday 30 november. Organiser House of Entertainment has managed to Snollebollekes to tie. The wildly popular feestmaker makes later with his crackers ‘Snollebolleke’, ‘Left right’ and ‘The floor is lava’ Oost-Vlaanderen unsafe. Marathonradio-man Peter Van de Veire brought the career of Snollebollekes in Flanders gained momentum, but in the meantime he grew to become one of the most popular ambiance-artists of the Low Countries. House of Entertainment-organizer Kris Flowers: “If you’re in the Netherlands, tens of thousands of fans on the leg can bring, and just like Marco Borsato several times the GelreDome uitverkoopt, then you are top. Thanks to the good relationship with his record company, we managed to Snollebollekes to tie for our poster. Programming, we focus on ambiance-artists who love a solid party and take care of all the other artists from our line-up. For groups, there are actually special terms and conditions. ‘Festival Atmosphere’ is a fixed value on the calendar for people for the holidays and the exams look good the ball to go.”

The ‘Festival of the Atmosphere’ draws the full map of the environment with The Romeo’s. ‘Viva De Romeo’s’and their numerous feestmedleys worry again for unforgettable moments. That are reinforced by their fellow artist Willy Sommers. The applause that he in ‘t ‘Kuipke’, after his sing – ‘Like a lion in a cage “and the party classic” Let the sunshine in your heart’, makes the klasbak undoubtedly for touching moments. “The reception in Ghent is phenomenal and unique, because it is one of the few performances that take place on a cycling track. That applause, that mass, that grabs me time and time again.” Lindsay creates the female party level with its singalong songs ‘early in the morning until late in the evening’ and ‘I’m still yours to dream of.’ Like her colleagues, is Lindsay like to be on the ‘Festival Atmosphere’-stage. “The festive mass will be celebrations and enjoy the music and the performances. Fine that I’m back for this rewarding public are allowed to come and sing.”

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