Sri Lanka arrests more suspects after attacks

70f42b385c8d756d16371d1c15d93326 - Sri Lanka arrests more suspects after attacks

The Sri Lankan police has a further sixteen people arrested involved would have been at the series of attacks on Easter. Notify the local authorities Thursday.

In the attacks last Sunday in several churches and hotels were at least 359 people were killed. In the meantime, are already 76 people were arrested. Several perpetrators of the attacks on Sri Lanka came from the middle class or studied abroad. One of the suspects is a Syrian.

The Sri Lankan army made Thursday also announced that his presence on the street, bright staging, in order to assist the police in the search for suspects. The army speaks of 6,300 troops, or 5,000 additional troops. The air force and the navy to develop to 2,000 troops. Also, teams from the American FBI and Interpol are the officers in Sri Lanka.

There are also new security measures such as a ban on drones. Around hotels, public telephones, and government offices remains a tightened security apply: the police carry out random checks on cars and buses. Since Monday the state of emergency in the whole country.

In addition, all the catholic churches closed until the security situation improves’. There will be up to that time, logically, also not to miss more to be celebrated. That has a high person in charge of the local church to the French news agency AFP . ‘On the advice of the security services, we keep all the churches were closed”, says the source.

Top officials fired

In the meantime, it would appear that the Sri Lankan intelligence services last month, all were aware of impending suicide attacks. Wednesday sent president Maithripala Sirisena, two of his top officials in police and defence the avenue.

They would reports of the intelligence agencies about possible suicide bombings, which already in march were available, not with the president have shared. In addition, they would also prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his cabinet are not informed.

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