Putin and Kim Jong-un shaking each other for the first time the hand

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In the Russian city of Vladivostok is Thursday morning the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian president Vladimir Putin started.

Putin thanked at the start of their conversation the North Korean leader for his coming. “I have every confidence that this meeting, the ties between our two countries will strengthen. It will also help to understand how we have an arrangement for the Korean peninsula, said the Russian president, referring to a reunification of North and South Korea. ‘There is a lot of work to be done to our trade relations to strengthen.’

Putin said the attempts to welcome North Korea and the United States to their bilateral relations to normalize. In February and In June last year, Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump two meetings. That last ran it as a failure and was unexpectedly asked to abort.

It is the first time that Putin and Kim Jong-un meet. As expected there is no formal declaration.

Armored train

The North Korean leader arrived Wednesday in Vladivostok, with an armored special train. After the official ceremony, Thursday afternoon at 13 hours local time, speak to Putin and Kim Jong-un together under four eyes. Then followed talks in an expanded format.

The main themes are the solution for the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula and bilateral relations between Moscow and Pyongyang.


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