New single Danny De Roover exceeds all expectations

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There were doubts whether the modern touch to this new single, “Jessica” would catch on. Danny De Roover, there was in any case not assured he said in Ment on Sunday, because his audience otherwise just. The reactions are really overwhelming and a lot of people tell him that this really is a glove is. Herbert Verhaeghe, the man who Danny De Roover interviewed for the Ment program, wrote the text of “Jessica”. In the past we saw in the clips of Danny De Roover also getting beautiful women to appear, but that has changed. In this clip diving only musicians, to own say because the emphasis is on the musical.

With this new sound there o.a. also a new haircut and he looks even trendier. The singer and owner of Dancing Parasol dreams also to this year with musicians and give a concert. The first steps to do this are reportedly already been taken.

(Nico Vanaken)

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