Michael Lanzo and Corina in duet on new single

063e8d88cf427cf9d177faa53abb498d - Michael Lanzo and Corina in duet on new single

Michael Lanzo and Ronda have known each other for a long time, but a vocal collaboration was not yet come. There will soon be changing with a very appropriate new single: ‘Friendship For Life’. The song is an ode to their warm friendship both on and off the stage and continues to walk.

Michael Lanzo and Corina, two of Flanders ‘ most beautiful voices emerged in the past weeks in the studio for a new single to sing. “I know Corina for years and I find them a fantastic singer.” cross, Michael shore. “We were together many times on stage. But to a real cooperation was not yet come.”

Corina performs Michael: “once Upon a time, we sang together, ‘Amigos Para Siempre’, a song by José Carreras and Sarah Brightman. The song struck so to the public that we were like, ‘here we must do something!’. And see… soon we will bring ‘Friendship For Life’, a Dutch version of the song.”

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