Macron spawns yellow vests with less taxes and more pensions

e963b65ecaaf1bb29c7a5e771b7b6bbe - Macron spawns yellow vests with less taxes and more pensions

In his speech after the National Debate, French president Emmanuel Macron several promises made to the movement of the yellow shirts. “Their original demands were,” said Macron.

The speech of Emmanuel Macron Thursday night began with a charm offensive in the direction of the movement of the yellow shirts. Macron regrets that the movement in a bad light is provided by ‘the violence of a few’. “But I don’t want the deviant behavior of some prejudice to the legitimate requirements that are the basis of this movement.’

During the three months that the National Debate was conducted, has a Macron to say that ‘a deep sense of injustice felt: tax inequality, regional inequality and social inequality’. “But I felt that a lot of people find that too little account of them is taken’, says Macron. The president realizes that, especially the elite is targeted, and ‘in the first place,’ he himself.

‘Work and wages’, repeated Macron several times, where he was a ‘significant’ reduction of the income tax promised. ‘But the work that was supplied, wages’, referred Macron to the pensioners. For them he announced that the pensions of less than 2,000 euro on January 1, re-index will be. Also, starting in 2021, no pension increase less than the inflation rate.

The French outside of the big cities promised Macron public services everywhere to ensure. ‘Everyone should have access to the health services. We promise that no school or hospital be closed will be without the permission of the local mayor.’

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