Keeper Hone sees ‘great step’ to Ajax as a reward for season

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Keeper Hone sees ‘great step’ to Ajax as a reward for season

April 25, 2019 12:11
25-04-19 12:11
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Kjell Sharpen is proud that he is from next season, player of Ajax call. The goalkeeper of FC Emmen, that Wednesday a four-year contract signed with the Citizens, accumulates after all the commotion surrounding his transition to be able to develop in the Eredivisie-leader.

“This transfer is something that I am proud of”, says the only nineteen-year-old Tighten up in conversation with Ajax TV. “This is a great step, of course, and for me a reward for the season. I look forward to be here.”

The transfer of Hone to Ajax was already a time in the air and did well before the official confirmation, the necessary ingredient shortly. A part of the Amsterdam supporters against the arrival of the keeper, because he is at a young age, messages on Twitter posted in which he himself was before Feyenoord against Ajax uttered. In the previous year, to Sharpen, to know fan of the Locals.

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