Joe Biden is running for presidential elections: what are his strong and weak points?

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After weeks of speculation it: Joe Biden is running for the next presidential election. He will stand up for the Democratic party.

Officially, he was to Thursday, still no candidate. Yet, Joe Biden in polls for months-to-head in the race for the Democratic presidentskandidatuur – to the chagrin of the two dozen followers …

Officially, he was to Thursday, still no candidate. Yet, Joe Biden in polls for months-to-head in the race for the Democratic presidentskandidatuur – to the chagrin of the two dozen party members who are already weeks or months ago their finger emerged. What are the strong and weak points, and knows his candidacy, that he Thursday officially announced?



Only thirty years old was Joe Biden when he in 1972, the Senate was chosen for the small northeastern state of Delaware. A seat, which for 36 years was complemented with voorzittersposten in the powerful committees on Justice and Foreign Affairs. When the relatively inexperienced and young Barack Obama with him in 2008 asked his running mate, ran for Biden for more than half his life in Washington around.

His experience as a senator and vice president, must now help himself to the highest office to conquer. Two previous attempts to do so fail. In 1988, hooked he is after allegations of plagiarism. In 2008 he stepped out of the race when he was at the first primaries (in Iowa), but 1 percent of the votes.


Despite his years in Washington remains in a catholic working class roots in Pennsylvania-born Biden is popular among white, lower-educated voters. It was this electoral group that in 2016 the outsider Trump the decisive push he gave. That year did Biden after long doubt not: he did this so soon after the death of his son Beau can’t muster, he told himself.

Many Democratic strategists think that he – unlike Hillary Clinton– with his moderate views on, for example, gun control and abortion laws, however, had been able to win in the crucial arbeidersstaten that Trump binnensleepte. In surveys in which Trump and Biden against each other, the Democrat, on average, 8 procentpuntvoor. Trump fears the centre-politician Biden more than the many younger, colored, progressive, or of female candidates in the crowded Democratic field, reported Us media on the basis of resources around the president.


All American presidents were so far man, and only one was non-white (Obama). Range of plant experience (also on buitenlandgebied), his proven qualities as a debater, stature of the ‘older statesman’ and name recognition give him a high degree of assumed ‘eligibility’. Hillary Clinton had many of these qualities too, but a part of the voters turned out in 2016 not ready for a woman as president. Some Democrats doubt whether this is four years later otherwise.

In a survey in Iowa, the midwestelijke state that in January, traditionally the voorverkiezingsrace aftrapt, said Democratic voters in the beginning of this year, mainly on a candidate to vote that Trump can beat. 54 percent of the respondents found that a more important property than the ideas of a candidate. In Iowa goes Biden with an average of almost a quarter of the votes-to-head.



Biden is known as a jovial geinponem, but in his verbal agility, he flies out of the bend. So he urged a disabled politician to agree to ‘stand up’ from his wheelchair. He also had a lot of criticism when he was Obama as a presidential candidate condescendingly “smart, articulate and clean,” was – as if that last for a black politician is not self-evident. Biden acknowledges this weak spot. “I am a flatermachine, but my God, isn’t that great compared to a guy who does not know how to use the truth to tell’, he proposed last year.


More problematic are the allegations from multiple women that Offer them in the past improperly approached. As told partijgenote Lucy Flores that Biden in 2014 her hair the smoke, and a kiss on her head. The politician from Nevada said, then ‘uncomfortable, dirty, and in the war to have felt, but accused Biden not of sexual misconduct. Three women expressed then similar reproaches and media depths photos, which show how Biden often remarkably close to women.

In the MeToo-era can Offer this more whatsoever be considered, especially by Democratic voters who are more sensitive to sexism than the Republican supporters of Trump. This month tried to Biden the fuss is all to appease. He took a video in which he promised that he is “in the future, more aware of personal space [of people] to respect’. He called himself a ‘aanrakerig’ person. “I always thought the me to connect with people, shaking hands, a hand on the shoulder, a hug,” he said in the video. ‘Social norms change. I understand that. And I listen to what these women say.’


The risk is that the Democrats with a choice between Biden the previous elections to try to win. He would, while the older, white arbeidersstem in the Midwest, and in countries on Trump be able to recapture, but he seems to be less suitable for other progressive voters to enthuse. This while the party is crying out for new impetus.

At the last mid-term mid-term losses of november did the Democrats an eclectic coalition of women, youth and minorities to mobilize. They may be rather warm for a young, coloured, homosexual and/or female anti-Trump than for a white man like Biden. In election year 2020 he is 78. He is not only four years older than Trump; if he would win, he would be the oldest president in the history of the U.S. took office.

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