Is payment of Otten to itself on the basis of dispute with Baudet?

92e6c2bb84e2b6b28dd8cb2e6fd4dfe2 - Is payment of Otten to itself on the basis of dispute with Baudet?

After Henk Otten by party leader Thierry Baudet of the right-wing populist party Forum for Democracy (FVD) was asked to resign, it now appears that there is more to it than a substantive disagreement. The NRC reports that there is discontent is about a payment that Otten on themselves did.

The newspaper NRC reports that Baudet and party secretary Rob Rooken of co-director Henk Otten afwillen, because of a payment that last earlier this year on themselves did. Otten acknowledges the payment in the message, and speaks of a ‘compensation for excessive hours’.

Party leader Thierry Baudet appeared Thursday not in the parliament due to illness, left his spokesman to know. Member of parliament Theo Hiddema was present for the voting. The press had gathered in the morning and collected at the fractieruimte of FVD, but there remained the whole day without moving.

The bubbles in the party since an interview with this senator Otten, that Saturday in NRC Handelsblad appeared. Therein took Otten away from the style of Baudet. He finds that the leader of the party to far to the right draws. According to Baudet, there is of internal struggle no question, but on Wednesday he requested Otten via Twitter to resign, and his place in the Second Room.

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