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Francesca Vanthielen to work at Channel Z

17a44bd09d8c354a20e3e0875ca4c146 - Francesca Vanthielen to work at Channel Z

On april 27, presents Francesca Vanthielen for the first time the talk show, Z-Talk, on Channel Z. Vanthielen follows Lynn Wesenbeek on which Open Vld candidate for the European elections.

Vanthielen, previously active as an actress, presenter and omroepster has a master in Applied Economic Sciences and a master in International Politics at the bag, what her enough background to the job.

“I am very happy that I get the chance for Channel Z to work”, she says. “This combines my past television experience with my personal interests.’

The program Z-Talk from Saturday morning 11: 00 to Monday night in the weekendlus on Channel Z at the end of november will be relaunched, with four presenters. Francesca completes the current team of Gui Polspoel and the nieuwsankers An Hofman and Stijn Wuyts.

Francesca Vanthielen is also one of the pioneers of the klimaatzaak and the citizens ‘ movement G1000.

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