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Ethereum: ProgPow would lead to a drastic decline in Hash Rate drop – Coin Hero

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Ethereum: ProgPow would lead to a drastic decline in Hash Rate decline

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Marcus Misiak –

The programmatic Proof-of-Work (ProgPow) is currently one of the most talked-about Upgrades in the Ethereum Community. The Protocol, which aims to make GPU Mining more efficient against ASIC Mining, also raises questions in connection with the Governance of the Ecosystem. This was one of the topics of discussion on the “Eth1x/ Istanbul” conference, Danno Ferrin, a developer, “ProgPow: Flipping the Switch” is presented.

Danno Ferrin talked about the result of the ProgPow implementation, provided that the transfer took place after the release of the Audits, and it is planned for a Mainnet Block. Ferrin explained that one of the results of the implementation would lead to a “dramatic” decline in the Hash Rate of Ethereum, and added that this “would not mean the end of the world”, because the work would remain the same, but you would otherwise be measured.

Ferrin then explained why the Hash Rate would fall:

The main reason is that the work in ProgPow is about twice as “hard” as in the case of Ethash and part of that access comes from the amount of memory, since it is a memory fixed algorithm, which is the primary Motivator for how long it takes to calculate the Hash.

Ferrin explained that the second reason is that the different ProgPow periods have a different Hash Rate. He explained that the program for the calculation of the Proof-of-Work would be based on the block change the number in that he added that all of the ten blocks, which will invoke the “different randomly-generated program”, where some are faster and others slower.

Probably the biggest difference between the Ethash-Hash-Rate, and ProgPow-Hash-Rate is not, therefore, that the graphics unit card, the Hash Rate will change based on the provider, changes based on the type of card […] and these are the things that the Miner forward, in order to increase their margin, in order to increase their profitability.

Ferrin explained that the decline in the Hash Rate would also have an impact on block time and the Difficulty-Bomb. Furthermore, the developer listed the possibilities of how this is handled. Firstly, the Problem is not addressed. The second possibility is the application of a unique Difficulty-Bomb-customization, and the third possibility would be the application of an algorithm that performs the adaptation on a continuous basis.

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