Christophe Stienlet and Joyce De Troch together on the shelves as a couple

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The twelfth season of The Comedy Company is now already a rousing start! Producer Theatertainment up with a comedy of the hand of the master of farce Ray Cooney. After ‘T CLEAN FLOOR, that this weekend in the premiere, Funny Money on the program . In 2007 this comedy are successfully made into a feature film with Chevy Chase in the lead role. In Flanders, there is that ‘T LARGE LOT in a translation-adaptation of Dirk Van Vooren. Director Christophe Ameye makes already four of the eight names who will play. Also, this time, he opted for a refreshing mix of young and experienced comedic talents: “With Dirk Van Vooren, Jasmine Jaspers, Christophe Stienlet and newcomer Joyce De Troch, I have real racers that will guarantee for a hilarious theatre!”
This remarkable collaboration between Christophe Stienlet and Joyce De Troch, which in real life nota bene brother-in-law and sister-in-law, is something which Joyce particularly looking forward to. “I come regularly to look at the performances of The Comedy Company, and have in the past with a lot of fun played a role in the comic tv series “Faded & Son” in addition to crackers like Jacques Vermeire and Aron Wade. In addition, if I should have a number of years ago to play in the delicious deurenkomedie “Boeing Boeing” on the side of, among others, Peter Bulckaen, Danni Heylen and Marijn De Valck. I look with great pleasure on the back. That was one of the funniest things I ever seen on the stage might bring.”
Together, they bring the hilarious story of a boring, everyday couple whose life is disrupted by an unwanted kofferwissel with a Russian gangsterbende. From that moment the comical train in full speed… ‘t CLEAN FLOOR is on show from Friday 15 november in Theatre Elckerlyc to Antwerp. Tickets are already available on

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