‘By US-led coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa’

4de990de81a038b0d93dfa4265d39606 - ‘By US-led coalition killed more than 1,600 civilians in Raqqa’

With American, British and French attacks against the terrorist group Islamic State in the Syrian Raqqa have been hundreds of civilians killed. That says Amnesty International. There are no indications that Belgium is concerned, ” but our country should the coalition partners under pressure’.

From a large study of Amnesty International it would appear that the military campaign by the United States-led coalition in Raqqa, between June and October 2017, more than 1,600 civilians. That civilians killed would cases are in thousands of American, British and French air raids, and tens of thousands of American artillerieaanvallen.

“Much of the bombing was inaccurate and tens of thousands of artillery attacks were random. It is therefore no wonder that hundreds of citizens are injured and killed, ” says Donatella Rovera, Senior Crisis Response Advisor at Amnesty International.

“Belgium must be coalition partners under pressure’

Also our country took part in the international coalition against IS. six F-16’s that were operating from Jordan and carried out operations, originally only over Iraq, but later also over Syria. “But we have no evidence that Belgium is in the military offensive in Raqqa was involved’, says Wies De Graeve director of Amnesty International Flanders.

“Our land is, however, notoriously opaque about its operations that it carried out in Syria’, emphasises The Graeve. “This is a call to Belgium in order to be more transparent, these victims to investigate and coalition partners under pressure to convert.’

2 million satellite images analyzed

Amnesty and Airwars, an organization that international military actions in conflict zones follows, analysed different data streams. So did researchers of Amnesty international during four visits of about two months on the spot. They interviewed, among others, 400 witnesses and survivors.

In addition, the organization with the so-called ‘Strike Trackers’project to determine when the 11,000 destroyed buildings in Raqqa were hit. More than 3,000 digital activists in 124 countries took part in the project and analysed a total of more than 2 million satellietbeeldframes, says Amnesty.

The so-called ‘Digital Verification Corps’ of the organization, that is spread across six universities around the world, analyzed and checked the video footage that during the offensive were made.

Researchers of Airwars and Amnesty International analysed the evidence – including thousands of social media messages – and thus laid a database of more than 1,600 civilians during the attacks of the coalition would have perished.

‘End two years of denial”

Amnesty International and Airwars presented their findings several times for the US-led military coalition. That recognizes that the attacks 159 citizens are killed, but do the rest systematically as being ‘not credible’, says Amnesty.

Both organisations call upon the U.S. and the coalitielanden urgently to put an end to two years of denying’. They also ask that an independent, impartial mechanism that report on civilian casualties, which should make research and findings available to the public.

Amnesty International and Airwars launch Thursday of an interactive website on which the fate of hundreds of civilian casualties documented. ‘Rhetoric versus Reality: How the “most precise air campaign in history” left Raqqa the most destroyed city in modern times’ brings together the stories of families to life the war experiences and died.

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