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“Brutal F1 is not suitable for women”

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This coming weekend is going there with the W-series is a racing series of start which only will consist of women. Red Bull Motorsport boss Dr Helmut Marko doesn’t believe that a woman has to F1-rider will kick, so he says, as opposed to ‘Small Newspapers.’

“There are the enormous physical requirements, which might be too difficult and too strenuous for women,” replies Marko on the question of whether he thinks that in the near future, a woman will take part in an F1 race.

“If you are three hundred miles per hour and you go in a wheel-to-wheel-battle, then there will be the necessary brutality. I’m not sure that’s in the female nature.”

Even with all the modern tools believe Marko is still that women have too many physical disadvantages will have to experience to really compete with the men.

“There is now power but it still requires a lot of efforts. You’re all packed and the temperatures in the cockpit, walk on up to forty, fifty degrees,” Marko continued.

“We already have top drivers in each other to see bags in Singapore, and I think that the physical tension is just too large for women. You should be fit to the F1 and you should be a huge strength from the shoulders.”

The Austrian adds that the riders in the old “Gosser Curve” on the Red Bull Ring is approximately 4G to process.

“That his enormous physical requirements, and that is perhaps too difficult and too strenuous for women.”

He closes the interview with a rhetorical question: “Why you see, in tennis Serena Williams is not against Novak Djokovic play?”

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