blackwave. also to the AB

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The Antwerp-based duo blackwave. grew in no time into one of the most discussed hiphopacts of our country. Their sexy grooves and nineties sound is live supported by a fantastic jazz band, with which she at Rock Werchter, in Roma and non-Roma in their previous passage in AB high eyes threw.

It is now two years since their debut album ‘Mic check’ appeared. Which rave reviews of both domestic and foreign music critics, European awards and nominations for, among other Red Bull Elektropedia Awards followed. With singles like ‘BIG Dreams’, ‘Elusive’, ‘Whasgood?’ and ‘GoodEnough’ are the inhabitants of antwerp, meanwhile, not more of the radio road store. A few weeks ago, they brought along with Caleborate the single ‘home’, by Studio Brussels as the ‘catch of the day’ was picked up. And there will follow more in 2019!

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