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Anderlecht accepts criminal procedure, partly, but does not agree with match behind closed doors

f869c907d05dfd7148a2d32c04bb2146 - Anderlecht accepts criminal procedure, partly, but does not agree with match behind closed doors

The bondsparket has this afternoon reviewed the incidents during Standard – Anderlecht from 12 last april. The match was still for the break, shut down after fans of purple-and-white several times in the field were bombarded with rockets. Bondsprocureur Wagner progressed, a fine and the obligation for Anderlecht to one match behind closed doors to play. Anderlecht accept a part of the punishment but not that it is a match behind closed to play.

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Bondsprocureur Wagner began his discourse with his already more or less well-known claim. He progressed both effective as a conditional penalties for Anderlecht.

• 5-0-verliesmatch, article P. 1917.

• One effective match behind closed doors, article P. 1919.

• 5,000 euro fine is the maximum.

• An alternative to punishment

• Agency must sensibiliseringsboodschap – audio – make that the following seven very best to be played before the match and during half time. The dangers about pyrotechnic material contained therein. There should be a fun element inside. All this at the expense of the club.

Possible suspended sentence

• If a match is abandoned within the twelve months, the club is a specialized production house under the arm, and a video – of at least 90” – along with three victims or three doctors testify about how pyrotechnic material damage and burns can make. On four large screens in the stadium. “If they are there not four? Then they go to rent and roll them in.”

Anderlecht do not agree

Lawyer Luc Deleu, on behalf of Anderlecht in his pleadings agreement with the forfaitmatch and the fine, but disputed the match behind closed doors. Also the alternative penalty saw Anderlecht would prefer not to happen. The club believes that they are already doing enough and censorship in advance by means of a tightly-defined command, the situation is no better.

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