Viktor: ‘Marthe is for always in my heart”

b35fdb676b850f97392a01d7acbb79d3 - Viktor: 'Marthe is for always in my heart"

Not only Gert Late Night is back, also the bedgeheimen with James Cooke back. Tuesday night bite Viktor Verhulst the striker and it was the price, because James started over the break between Marthe and Victor. Last summer made Marthe De Pillecyn and Viktor Verhulst known that they were going to. The couple put in concert a point behind their relationship. The break was a turning point in the life of Viktor and that caused, of course, for a lot of grief. Viktor is not the man of big emotions, but the fracture caused a lot of tears. Not only with him, by the way, also at Marthe. “I was really cried when it was done with Marthe, together, even, tells Viktor to James Cooke.

“Of course, there are times that I miss. That’s in my heart, that there is never more. But that is not good I think, at this moment, I’m just not ready to have someone in my life next to me. I struggle there and extremely hard. I am not happy to be alone, but I also have so much fear for me to bind . I want me not now at the age of 24 to bind to someone to there children and within ten years for the problems to come. I have a lot of fear.”
That fear no doubt has to do with the separation of his parents. Gert Verhulst and the mother of his children at a young age from each other. “As a 9-year-old you do not know very well what happens. It was only later in life that I used to feel bad in one way or another,” trust Viktor James. “Because I was not enough for my mother. I realized then, at that moment, absolutely not how much grief my mother must have had”, Viktor further. It feels at Viktor a bit like he was sorry to have to say.

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