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Under the age of five? No longer than one hour for a screen

7693926a625479d1a2481a82ebb48d99 - Under the age of five? No longer than one hour for a screen

The world health organization has set new guidelines for the time amount to proper level for children. The goal? Less sitting, more play and exercise.

The critical age for obesity at a later age to fight, begins under the age of five. “Therefore, we have to return a lot of play time for children introduce,’ says the doctor, Juana Willumsen in a press release from the world health organization (WHO). ‘We need to shift to make from a seated to play and move.’

The WHO makes a distinction between the qualitative ‘examination period’ and non-qualitative. Time amount to proper level belongs to the second category, reading, puzzles and singing to the first. The ‘bad’ exams, so that includes watching tv or playing on the tablet, until the age of five years old best limited to a maximum of an hour per day. How less, how better, is the message. If the kids do sit down, preferably in the form of booklets to look together with the parents ‘ stories to read.

For children under one year of age it is advised them not at all for a screen. For more than one hour per day in a buggy or chair is also not a good idea.

WHO comes up with the measures in the fight against obesity, which in children is marching on. In 2016, almost eight percent of the boys almost six percent of the girls (worldwide) obese.

To time amount to proper level in children has, in recent years, much research has been done. Thus, the UHasselt rather to the conclusion that more than ten hours per week for the computer, tablet or tv, and later a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes means. Another, American study, brought out that excessive media use and the risk of obesity increases and disrupts sleep.

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