UN call mass execution in Saudi Arabia ‘horrible’

fb9c1951ffa3557edff3b685fa6aeb1c - UN call mass execution in Saudi Arabia ‘horrible’

The execution of 37 people on the same day in Saudi Arabia has international caused outrage. At least three executed, medical were minor.

‘The men do not have a fair trial, and confessions were said to have been exacted by torture, ” said UN-mensenrechtencommissaris Michelle Bachelet about the execution of the 37 saudis.

“I condemn this shocking mass executions in six cities,” said Bachelet. It is even more horrible, because at least three of the executed, medical at the time of the condemnation still were minors.

An EU spokesperson for foreign policy in Brussels, emphasized that the executions doubts arise about the respect for fair procedures. In addition, the judgments of social tensions in the society worsen.

The majority of the terechtgestelden belonged, according to Amnesty International, to the shiite minority in Saudi Arabia. According to the EU spokesperson, this is the highest number of executions on a single day in Saudi Arabia since 2016.

Saudi Arabia had Tuesday announced that the death sentences against 37 people of Saudi origin was carried out. The men were allegedly among other things because of terrorism condemned. Amnesty International denounced that many of the men on account of offences in connection with anti-government protests led or because of spying for Iran were convicted.

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