Thursday in a Pop-up Court

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Dina Tersago receives people with a long-term dispute or a legal issue. She brings them in contact with 4 erevrederechters parties to help reconcile or long-standing conflicts hope to end with a binding decision. In addition, help 4 lawyers, visitors of the Pop-Up Court from the need with free legal advice.

In the tourist attraction of Bruges there is a real war going on between different guides associations. The official guides blame the non-official ‘Free Guides’ that they are not properly trained and a wrong approach to attract customers. There is already a lot of struggles happened for erevrederechter Alberic De Roeck both parties together, sit down at the table and an attempt at conciliation start.

17 families to buy a plot of land in a new subdivision. They build their house, move, live very happy… and come to the constatatie that they next owner of their house is also the owner of the street. And that means that they themselves must be responsible for the maintenance of the road. That is not what they have signed. But how can they ensure that the municipality, the street takes over? Lawyer Pieter-Jan Van Aken gives advice.
Liesa from Heule had a terrace construction in black polished concrete, but that terrace now, after a number of months, still a lot of black dust. Every time her kids play outside, are both the children, as their dresses are super dirty. Liesa gets their clothes almost as clean. Some friends of the children may not come to play, because their parents find that they are debris back home. The contractor does not respond, and Liesa is at the end. Erevrederecht Herlinde Van Den Wynckel to find out what Liesa can do.

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