Thomas Vanderveken Thursday for the class

e7a57054f681e93120d63726ddae3e2b - Thomas Vanderveken Thursday for the class

In the week of april 22, brings One to four specials of existing programs, in which people share their story about cancer to share with Flanders.

On Thursday 25 april at 21.30 pm, a special episode of The Klas.De class (Thursday, 25 april at 21: 30)
A class zeventienjarigen gets an unusual lesson from an unexpected teacher. Thomas Vanderveken brings a lesson about cancer. Thomas saw his father, actor Ugo Prinsen, die to longvlieskanker. To which, the youngsters at the word cancer? Cancer Is get your own debt and what do they do to make the risk as small as possible? Who dares even to admit that he smokes? They have already someone lost? What do you say to someone who has cancer? And especially: what do you say not?

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