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Thierry Neuville start with his world CHAMPIONSHIP car in the BK rally of Ypres: “For myself, it is instructive to the Ypres lengths to tame”

c7fcb3eec4b0c9dc35f6ccf7f1150e36 - Thierry Neuville start with his world CHAMPIONSHIP car in the BK rally of Ypres: “For myself, it is instructive to the Ypres lengths to tame”

At the end of June is in the Westhoek and the Ypres Rally, the sixth round of the BRC. Except for the Ypres Rally is also the Historic Ypres Rally, the Classic Ypres Rally, the Ypres Rally Masters organized. The matches are open to the old and current WRC’s. Thierry Neuville confirmed today his participation in the Rally Masters. For the first time, he will be with his car that he is participating in the world cup rally are active on the Belgian roads.

The Ypres Rally is one of the most popular games of the country. In the past, were often foreign top riders at the start. The contest was also for some years on the calendar of the European championship. Since a few years, is that not the case anymore. The race directors are trying to innovate, the competition is more compact and more tailored to the audience to organize. The Rally Masters are the youngest example of this. Thierry Neuville was already a few times at the start of the rally of Ypres, but never with his car from the WRC. This year is the case and start the winner of last year with the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC.

“Again in Ypres to drive with the R5 that would be little news for the fans”, explained Thierry Neuville. “We have last year won the race. What would we do more? On the other hand, we would like to of the party are in Ypres, because it is very nice to have for our fans in their own country to drive. The enthusiasm of our supporters was last year in Ypres is fantastic. Therefore, we come again to the start in Ypres, but this time with the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC. Last year Nicolas and I wondered how it would be to the Ypres trail with the WRC to drive. The course is very specific, with deep denominations, and also very fast. It will be a challenge to hard to go with our Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC. We might go a bit competitiegevoel miss because we do not fight against the other R5’s, but so can we the fans extra entertained. For myself, it is in any case instructive to the Ypres lengths to tame with the WRC. We are going to a high speed, without unnecessary risks to take. It is nice for the fans.”

Superstage, the organizer of the Renties Ypres Rally and of this Ypres Rally Masters, is pleased to announce that Thierry Neuville again at the start. “In the past few years we have noticed how popular Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul with the Belgian rallyfans,” said Jan Huyghe, Marketing & Sales Director of Superstage. “It is an honor to them at the start of the first Ypres Rally Masters welcome. The Ypres Rally Masters is a new competition that is held about 12 different special stages (5 Friday, 7 Saturday), good for 143 miles at the time.”

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