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Pro League not hit on time with the clearinghouse for brokers, other initiatives on the long course

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Pro League not hit on time with the clearinghouse for brokers, other initiatives on the long course

April 24, 2019 at 23:56 pm

The Pro League, the dachverein of the 24 professional clubs, will be up against 6 of may the new rules on players ‘ agents and the clearinghouse is not around. The new regulation there this season, perhaps not more, but the clearinghouse must for the start of the zomermercato be entered. This is reported by the Pro League on Wednesday, after the clubs during a workshop for their comments on the new regulations had given.

The panel of experts of the Pro League, consisting of CEO Pierre François, the former deputy prime minister Melchior Wathelet and sportadvocaat Wouter Lambrechts, completed in early april, a proposal to remove rogue agents from the football to ward off. As a result of “Operation Clean Hands” new rules were devised, including the creation of a clearinghouse and a clearly defined mandate for the intermediaries.

That may, according to the proposal of the panel of experts on the table, for example, will not turn on for incoming transfers. Either negotiate a transfer for a player, a selling or a buying club. It should be avoided that they are three times to visit the booths to pass through.

No 6 of may

In addition, should clubs only the help of a broker call for a sale, on condition that neither the player nor a team mate with him under contract. With any purchase of a player can a broker not have to intervene.

The past few weeks, the plan was discussed extensively and had to have the final text ready for 6 may, when the General Meeting of the Pro League about the new regulation could vote and the next season can be implemented. About the clearinghouse reigns unanimity among the clubs, but there is still a lot of work to make the legislation pertaining to it to be fine-tuned and so is the date of 6 may already be shifted to a later time. “The clubs wish that the clearinghouse on July 1, will be operational in order that a maximum transparency of financial transactions relative to real estate brokers is ensured. The rules that this first stage in implementation will bring, will this season at a General Meeting to be ratified”, it sounds in a press release.

Estate agents threatened with legal action

About the other rules are not all moving in the same direction. The clubs first want to see what measures other leagues to be taken before the radical changes, out of fear of the competitiveness of the Belgian league defeat.

In the meantime, threatened the BFFA, the Belgian Federation of Football Agents, several times already, with legal action if the Pro League continues with his proposal on sport agents. The venue promises to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS) or the court to step in if they are not at the negotiating table is requested. The Pro League is not impressed by these threats. “We just work on in all serenity, so that the clearinghouse yet this summer,” said spokesman Stijn Van Bever.

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