Pictures season 6 of D5R initiated in Ghent

05c9382505d142e05258303990cd71f2 - Pictures season 6 of D5R initiated in Ghent

After the exceptional success of the fifth season, in Ghent, the recordings started of the sixth series of ‘D5R’. The five friends continue their higher studies further, with trial and error. The shots will be up to and including 11 may walk.
After the first 4 seasons on Teen became a true hype with the release of the film as an apotheosis, turned Amber, Kyra, Leyla, Vincent and Wout by the end of 2018 completely unexpected return to the screen. They had the school abandoned and exchanged for the freedom of the Ghent kotleven, the pressure of the block and the temptation of new friends. That made within the group of friends for a lot of solid new challenges. As always, right from real life.

On the screen, moved the series from Teen to Telenet Play and MNM, where they at unprecedented scale connection took with the young fans. In total had the episodes of season 5 more than 5 million views on all platforms, without linear broadcast. On Telenet Play performed ‘D5R’ 5 weeks in the top 10 of most requested series. On the YouTube channel of MNM were the 24 episodes immediately, the entire top 24.

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