Olga Leyers creeps from the deep valley

6ca1f6fbc306f55889abc4646f1faad8 - Olga Leyers creeps from the deep valley

Olga Leyers gave up on Qmusic to him that she is a very difficult period experienced after her beautiful performances in The Smartest Man in the World. “I sat for months on a pink cloud, and all of a sudden fell that way,” reveals the youngest Leyers-daughter. At the same time she could also no longer the carefree girl of 18 more by her fame. “I’m after The Smartest Man two years have been a bad thing,” admits Olga. “Depressed, I would not call it, but there was a dark side is present,” she declares with Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe on Qmusic.

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