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“Michael Schumacher wanted his son to accompany in F1”

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The former manager of Michael Schumacher, Willi Weber, the German website Motorsport-Total, ” says that Schumacher had plans for his son to guide into the Formula 1.

According to Weber was Michael Schumacher early on, convinced of the talent of his son and he wanted his experience and knowledge to use Mick to accompany in his autosportcarrière. At the end of 2013, a ski accident, however, an abrupt end to those ambitions.

“It would be a great story, he would be held to have,” says Weber. “He himself is with the idea come up.”

“Michael knew everything, what teams he had to speak, he knew how everything worked from his own experiences.”

Although he, unfortunately, without the help of his father should imagine has Mick Schumacher meanwhile, kicked up a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy and he has his first metres in an F1 car, all behind the back.

“Mick has always thought that he is the son of Michael Schumacher the same results, had to obtain as his father. Of course, that was a heavy burden for the boy,” Weber continues.

“Had Michael still be able to assist it would be all also a very different meaning. Now he represents his father, through the eyes of others looking at.”

“That is the problem, because everyone compares him and everyone says that he has the same results.”

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has also already know that he has a lot of Michael recognizes the work of Mick.

“Even if you are in Maranello with him he is always in the garage for the car look, and with the mechanics to talk to. I think that is almost the same as his father,” said Binotto.

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